10 Tips for Incorporating Bohemian and Eclectic Styles into Your Home Decor

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Give Your Home Decor A Bohemian or Eclectic Vibe With These Amazing Tips

When it comes to home decor, having a unified space to unwind and relax is essential. However, oftentimes life and our style can become quite eclectic and it’s hard to find a way to showcase these influences in our interior space. If you’re looking to give your home decor a unique bohemian or eclectic spin, here are 10 tips you should keep in mind.

1. Incorporate Vintage Pieces

Vintage pieces can give a unique character to an interior space. Incorporating items like vintage furniture, hand-me-down ottomans, or antique shelves can give an overall bohemian feel to your home.

2. Go For Vintage Rugs & Carpets

If you want to give your home a more personal vibe, try switching out your carpet for a beautiful vintage rug or colorful kilim. These smaller details will give a room that bohemian or eclectic feel.

3. Pick Sisal Floor Rugs & Natural Fibres

Using natural material for decor adds an overall light and airy feel to the room. Adding pieces like woven floor rugs, jute baskets and natural drapery can tie a room together and give it an overall relaxed vibe.

4. Hang Up Textiles & Line Your Walls

Adding handmade pillows, macrame wall hangings, or intricate embroidery pieces have a way of bringing a space to life. Hang up these textiles in different parts of the room and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before.

5. Collect Unique Pieces

To give a room an eclectic feel, gather unique items such as antique plates, framed pieces of art and vintage mirrors. Finding items with unique shapes and textures can add an interesting focal point to the room.

6. Choose Handcrafted Pieces

Adding handcrafted items to your home decor can be both simple and effective. Look for pieces like large planters, macrame art, and ceramic pieces that suit your space and match your style.

7. Don’t Forget About Lighting

Often forgotten in home decor, lighting plays a big role in giving a room a unique character. Incorporating different types of lighting can give a room more texture and create a cozy atmosphere.

8. Hang Artwork High & Low

To give a room an eclectic feel, aim for an unconventional approach when hanging artwork. Instead of sticking to the traditional positioning (i.e the centre of the wall) try arranging pieces on a diagonal or hang them high and low.

9. Mix & Match Patterns

Mixing and matching different patterns can be a creative way to achieve a bohemian or eclectic decor. Combining different geometric shapes and prints will give the room a much more lively look.

10. Pillow Heaven

Nothing says bohemian or eclectic more than a good amount of pillows scattered around the room. Mix and match different fabrics and shapes and choose ones that stand out the most.


You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to decor to create a unique bohemian or eclectic space. Remember to be bold when choosing colours and textures and have fun with it! Incorporating intricate artwork and vintage pieces are also great ways to give your home a much more striking look. Most importantly, be creative and express yourself!