Adding a Macrame Wall Hanging to Your Home

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Adding a macrame wall hanging to your home can add an interesting look to the decor. Whether you want to hang a plant hanger or a piece of jewelry, adding a macrame wall hanging can add a lot of interest to your wall.


During the Victorian era, Macrame was a popular household craft activity in England. It was commonly used for home decor items, including lampshades, table mats, curtains, and Christmas ornaments. It became a very popular hobby for middle-class women, as it was easier to do than needlework.

Macrame also became popular during the 1970s and 1980s. It was used as a cheap, yet fashionable, way to hang indoor plants. This made it popular among love children and other counterculture groups. It was also a popular hobby for the hippy community.

Macrame is a type of knotted craft that has a long history. It has been traced back to China, where it was used in the 3rd century. Chinese people often used elaborate knots as decorative embellishments on lanterns, silk paintings, and ceremonial garments.

Macrame also spread to Spain, where it was adopted by the Moors. This cultural mix contributed to its spread to other parts of Europe, including France and Italy.

Macrame was also brought to Europe during the Crusades. The wives of crusaders brought it back to their homes. They were experts in lace and needlework. They often used Macrame to decorate their religious vestments.

Macrame was also adopted by the Spanish during the Renaissance. In the 17th century, Queen Mary II of England began teaching macrame to her ladies-in-waiting. This practice led to the creation of macrame-based products in England and the Netherlands.

Macrame also spread to Italy, where it was used to make potted plant hangers and steering wheel covers. It was also popular in the thriving port city of Genoa.

Macrame was also popular during the era of Queen Victoria. It was used to decorate curtains and other linens. It was also popular with garden parties. It was also used to make covers for tables and chairs.

Statement piece in the living room

Whether you’re looking for something to add colour to a boring wall or to create a focal point in a small living space, macrame wall hangings are a great choice. They add handmade charm and a little bit of texture to a room.

For the best results, choose macrame wall hangings made from 100% cotton cord. They’re durable and easy to hang. They also come in a variety of colours. They make the perfect addition to a bedroom or living room.

Another way to make a statement is to paint a wall a bold or bright colour. You could use a variety of paints and shades to highlight different sections of the room. For a more sophisticated look, you could use a black paint.

If you want to do a bit more than just paint a wall, you could also stencil a decorative design onto it. This would work well if you have a wall that is half open to another room.

For the ultimate in statement wall decor, you could try an oversized piece of art. This is easily achieved with a canvas stretcher frame.

A macrame cushion could also be a good choice. You can get a macrame cushion in different colours and textures. You can also get one that is dyed using natural dye.

Similarly, you could hang a statement mirror or a large piece of statement furniture. These types of pieces can make a room feel bigger. You could also try hanging a potted plant to add a pop of colour to your wall.

Lastly, you could try painting a piece of artwork on your wall. This is the perfect way to make a splash.

Plant hanger

Using a macrame wall hanging as a plant hanger is a stylish and functional way to display your plants. The hanging plant will add beauty to any room and help improve the air quality of your home. The decorative knotting craft has been around for thousands of years and has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Macrame plant hangers can be purchased in a variety of colors and sizes to fit any home decor. They are also available in sets of several different sizes so you can display a variety of plants in your home.

The macrame plant hanger uses a variety of knots to create an eye-catching, functional plant holder. This is an inexpensive, simple project that will bring a touch of boho style to your home. The pattern is also easy to follow, making it an ideal project for beginners.

The most basic macrame plant hanger uses two types of knots. One is a square knot and the other is a wrapped knot. Choosing the right macrame knot will depend on the pattern you choose.

Macrame plant hangers are a great way to add beauty to your home without breaking the bank. There are also kits available for people who don’t have the time or inclination to create a project themselves.

This simple plant hanger pattern is perfect for beginners. It uses a few basic macrame knots and wooden beads for a faster and more durable finish. The pattern is also simple enough for an advanced macrame enthusiast to master.

A macrame wall hanging as a plant holder is a great way to make your home a boho oasis. These hanging plants will improve the air quality in your home and add a touch of color.


Using macrame as a decorative technique can add a warm chic look to a room. It is also a great way to add texture to a white wall. In addition, it can complement mid-century decor and farmhouse style.

Macrame is a decorative technique that uses knots instead of weaving. It has been around for hundreds of years. In its earliest form, it is believed to have been used by Arab weavers in the 1200s. Later, it was brought to Europe by sailors in the Great Age of Sail. They used macrame to make clothing, picture frames, mats, and hammocks.

Macrame has a long history, and it has a lot of significance. The knot-tying techniques that it originated from are traced to the ancient Babylonians and Assyrians.

Historically, sailors used knots to pass the time on the ship. They bartered knot-tying knowledge to other sailors for instruction on more exotic knots. Eventually, the knot-tying knowledge became a worldwide folk tradition.

Today, macrame is used to create jewelry, plant hangers, and other accessories. In addition, macrame techniques are used to make fabric belts.

Macrame is a popular DIY project. You can purchase macrame kits or buy supplies. You can also use items you already have around your home.

The best macrame cords are cotton twine, but jute is also a good choice. While it is not as stretchy as cotton, it provides a more durable finish. You can buy it online or at most craft stores. It is also available in different colors.

Macrame is also a great way to create separation between rooms, and is useful for lampshades. It can also be used to cover an entryway or door.

Add interest to a simple macrame wall hanging

Adding interest to a simple macrame wall hanging can add a lot to your interior design. It can be fun to create a piece of macrame that you can display in your home or give as a thoughtful gift.

Macrame is a form of weaving that uses rope-like thread. Macrame wall art is a popular form of wall art. It features delicate patterns and mixed textures.

You can find macrame wall hangings for sale online or in your local craft store. If you have a creative eye, you can make a macrame wall hanging yourself. It will add texture to a boring wall and give it a unique flair.

Macrame wall art can be hung in your living room, bedroom, or child’s nursery. You can choose colors that will go with your existing decor or use bold colors to add a splash of color.

Another way to add interest to a simple macrame wall hanger is to add artificial flowers. These artificial flowers will give it a fun makeover and make a thoughtful gift. You can also add greenery to the wall by installing a wall-mounted planter.

Another fun macrame project is to make a macrame vase. You can make one from wine bottles. You can also make one from sea glass. You can then turn it into a necklace.

A great way to add interest to a simple macrame project is to use a different colored cord. Try using natural dyes to make your piece stand out.

You can also make a funky macrame hanger to cheer up a fall party. You’ll need a lot of embellishments to make this one. It’s a great makeover that you can do on a budget.