How to remove a halo from a fabric sofa?

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A halo is a stain that can appear for a variety of reasons: a spilled drink, your pet’s urine, etc. Fortunately, you can get rid of it by using certain cleaning products. Expert in manufacturing protective covers, I’ll give you some tips to remove the stains on your fabric sofa.

With bicarbonate for your fabric sofa

To prolong the life of your fabric sofa, you should maintain it regularly. If you inadvertently spill coffee or chocolate on it, the first thing you need to do is to quickly clean the entire sofa. In other words, the entire cushion or armrest must be properly cleaned to avoid color difference. If you only target the trace left by coffee or drink drops, you will indeed see halos appear on your sofa. These unsightly stains greatly impact the value of your furniture, especially if you wish to sell it in the future.

Using overly aggressive products to clean soda stains can also cause your fabric sofa to stain. Fortunately, there are plenty of products available on the market that can help you get rid of the stains on your chair, sofa, etc. Although effective, most of them are too expensive and have harmful effects on your health.

To effectively remove these unsightly stains, we recommend that you turn to natural products. Less expensive, they are not only very effective, but also safe. Among the most popular natural products for cleaning stains, baking soda is a real must. To optimize its action, choose specifically the baking soda that is intended for cleaning and not the one used in the kitchen. You can also choose the gel version which is also known for its effectiveness.

Whether in powder or gel form, baking soda is used in the same way for cleaning stains. Take a clean cloth and add a little warm water, then two tablespoons of baking soda. Then rub the stain. It will gradually disappear. You can also choose to slightly dampen the stain and then sprinkle the baking soda on top. After letting it sit for two hours, you should then vacuum it up, using a vacuum cleaner of course.


With white vinegar

To remove coffee or soda stains from your fabric sofa, you can use white vinegar. A natural product, it restores your furniture to its original shine without leaving any marks. To use it, simply dilute it slightly with water, then rub the targeted stain. Then, take a cloth that you will wet to rinse the whole. The result is instantaneous.

You can also choose to use another natural product that stands out for its effectiveness in cleaning stains. This is glycerin. Take a clean cloth to which you add glycerin and a small amount of warm water and rub the halo. The result is similar to white vinegar. In the future, to avoid the appearance of stains on your fabric sofa, take the trouble to cover it with a protective cover offered by Decohousse. Resistant and very elegant, our covers give a second life to your furniture. It is thus protected from wear and tear, scratches and anything else that could affect its life span.

How do I remove a urine stain from a fabric sofa?

Aside from improper cleaning of food and beverage stains, the appearance of halos can also be caused by urine. For example, if your child fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV and urinated, you should treat the halos immediately. If you don’t clean them right away, they will be harder to clean up. You will also need to be careful with your pets. Dogs and cats usually tend to land on the sofas and can pollute them with their urine. In this case, too, a simple cleaning is not enough to prevent the appearance or removal of stains.

All you have to do to save your furniture is to get some terre de Sommières. Easy to use, you just have to pour a small amount on the halo. After that, you will only have to let it act for about 3 hours before proceeding with the vacuuming. If the halo is too old, we recommend using a hair dryer to heat the terre de Sommières for at least 15 minutes. You can then apply it to the targeted spot and vacuum it up a few hours later.

If you have a white fabric sofa, we recommend using hydrogen peroxide. It doesn’t leave any marks and doesn’t affect the appearance of the material. To use it, simply dab it on the halo. For old aureoles caused by urine, rust remover is a highly recommended solution. Simply put some in a clean piece of cloth and then dab it on the aureole. Marseille soap can also help you get rid of the halo on your fabric sofa. Simply rub the halo and then rinse it off with water.