How to Turn Your Passion for Interior Design into a Successful Career

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Making a Career in Interior Design & Starting Out as an Interior Designer

Making a career in interior design can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Those passionate about interior design may wonder how to turn this passion into a successful career. Fortunately, there are steps which can be followed in order to realize a successful career in interior design.

Steps to Making a Career in Interior Design

  • Find your niche – Are you good at working with a certain type of client or in a certain style?
  • Identify specializations – Do you want to specialize in residential, commercial or hospitality design?
  • Build your portfolio – Start creating a portfolio of your work in order to showcase to potential employers.
  • Choose a strategy – Decide whether you want to build your career on your own or join a firm
  • Get certified – Obtain a certification in interior design to further your credibility.
  • Work on your business skills – Acquire business skills such as understanding contracts, marketing and pricing.
  • Build your network – Get connected with fellow designers and start forming professional connections.
  • Get a mentor – Find an experienced designer who can help you navigate the ins and outs of this field.
  • Develop a unique brand – Create a unique brand for yourself and your work to set yourself apart from the competition.

Making the Transition Into Interior Design

Making the transition into this field can be intimidating. Many interior designers take classes in interior design, either at a physical school or online. Here, aspiring interior designers can learn various skills, such as the basics of space planning, material selection, drawing plans, and how to manage and implement a design project.

Another way to further an interior design career is to join a professional organization. Interior designers often join the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) or the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). Benefits may include not only access to industry conferences and continuing education, but also extensive resources, contacts, and the latest news in the interior design industry.

Besides getting certified, those interested in making a career out of interior design should also build a portfolio to showcase their skills. Building a portfolio might involve creating a physical portfolio or a website, which showcases a variety of projects and experience, such as residential design, commercial design, and furniture design.

Where to Start When Pursuing Interior Design?

Those just starting out in interior design can get their foot in the door with an internship, apprenticeship, or job assisting a professional interior designer. With the help of such experiences, those interested in making it big in the field of interior design can get an in-depth understanding of the area.

Furthermore, strategy is key. It’s important to decide which aspects of interior design you are passionate about and want to pursue, such as residential or commercial design.

Making a career out of interior design takes creative problem solving, dedication and perseverance. However, with the right qualifications and experience, interior design can be a rewarding career for those passionate about the field.

Finally, regardless of which career path in interior design you choose, make sure to continually build your brand and remain connected to the industry. With the right strategies and pieces in place, your passion for interior design can lead to a successful career. Best of luck!