The Connection between Bohemian and Eclectic Home Decor and Sustainable Living

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Sustainable Living: Connection between Bohemian and Eclectic Home Decor

People have a strong desire to make their homes a reflection of their identity and lifestyle preferences. From showstopping wallpaper to bohemian decor statements, home aesthetics have evolved over the past decade. One type of design that continues to gain momentum is the eclectic style, a combination of bohemian, vintage, and shabby-chic elements, creating an artistically inspired home. Furthermore, when combined with sustainable living, an eclectic style home can reflect the contemporary environmental conscious trends.

Why Eco-Friendly Home Decor?

Eco-friendly home decor is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle because it allows us to reduce the amount of waste and energy that the home creates. Sustainable design, such as an eclectic style home, allows for eco-friendly, contemporary trends to look great in any room and create a statement, which in turn contributes to our ecological impact. By replacing traditional elements of home decor such as traditional rugs, cushions, curtains, and frames with eco-friendly materials, we can create a positive impact while still being stylish.

What is Eclectic Home Decor?

The eclectic style home is the combination of shabby-chic, bohemian, and vintage elements which create a unique and artistically inspired home. The focal point of this style is on combining different pieces and textures to create a unique and inviting space. The furniture and decor items used in the eclectic home should be vibrant, colorful, and reflect the owner’s personal interests and style.

Creating an Eclectic Style Home with a Sustainable Touch

Creating an eclectic home in combination with sustainable living is a great way to reduce the home’s ecological footprint. To create an eco-friendly, eclectic home, start by swapping traditional rugs for eco-friendly rugs, curtains for bamboo or organic cotton blinds, and furniture for sustainable sources.

When it comes to choosing furniture, look for wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, or find furniture made from recycled materials. Exposed wood furniture can add a natural touch to an eclectic room and will look wonderful in any space.

For accents and decor, look for items that are recyclable or made from natural materials. Try to find items with an interesting texture, color, or shape to add to the eclectic style. Try adding a few vintage items to inject a bit of nostalgia into the room. Additionally, vintage furniture is often better made than modern pieces and will last longer.

Checking the Eco-Label

When shopping for items to decorate your home, always check the product label before you buy. Responsibly sourced items should have a visible eco-label informing you of the product’s origins and materials used. This will help ensure that you’re only buying sustainable items for your home.

Sustainable Living Made Simple

By bringing sustainability into your home, you can make a positive contribution to the environment while still creating your dream space. The connection between bohemian and eclectic home decor and sustainable living can easily be achieved with some thoughtful research, shopping, and intentional decorating.

Here is a checklist to help you get started:

  • Replace traditional rugs with eco-friendly rugs or carpets
  • Choose window decorations made from natural materials
  • Look for furniture made from recycled or sustainably sourced woods
  • Add vintage items for some nostalgia
  • Check for labels verifying eco-friendliness

Creating a sustainable home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or hard. With a few eco-friendly swaps within an eclectic style design, you can create a beautiful and sustainable home which goes hand-in-hand with a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.