The Connection between Small Space Decorating and Interior Design

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The Influence of Interior Design on Small Space Decorating

Designing and decorating a small space can be an overwhelming task. It is important to be creative and make smart design decisions that will make the space feel big despite its size. Understanding how interior design can help create a more efficient and stylish space can help you create the perfect home.

Interior Design Basics for Small Spaces

Understanding the basics of interior design can make it easier to decorate a small space. A few of the fundamental principles of interior design include:

1. Creating a Focal Point: When it comes to interior design, it is important to decide what the focal point of the space should be. It is usually something that stands out and draws the eye, such as a piece of artwork or furniture.

2. Choosing the Right Colors: In a small space, it is best to stick with neutral or light colors. Dark colors can make the room feel cramped, while light colors will make the room feel brighter and more airy.

3. Utilizing Vertical Space: When designing a small space, it is important to use the vertical space that is available. Adding shelves and other storage solutions to the walls will free up floor space and make the room feel bigger.

Tips for Decorating a Small Space

There are some tips and tricks that can help you decorate a small space in a stylish and efficient way. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Keep It Simple: Having too many pieces of furniture in the room will make it feel cluttered and cramped. Try to keep the number of furniture pieces to a minimum, and stick with simple and timeless pieces.

2. Stick to Symmetry: When it comes to decorating a small space, symmetry can help to make the room more visually balanced and feel larger. Try to arrange the furniture pieces in a symmetrical way, with matching lamps and other accessories.

3. Accessorize Strategically: Accessories can help to make a room feel more complete and stylish. When it comes to decorating a small space, accessories should be used strategically to make the room look put together.

4. Use Mirrors: Mirrors can help to visually open up a small space, as they reflect light and other elements in the room. Try to use a few strategically placed mirrors in the room to help it feel bigger.


Decorating a small space can be a challenge, but understanding the basics of interior design can help make the process easier. Stick to simple and timeless furniture pieces, choose the right colors, use the vertical space efficiently, and accessorize strategically to pull the look together. Utilizing a few simple tips can help you create the perfect home, no matter the size of the space.