Adding style to your front door

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The front door is an important element that will give style to your home. It is the first glimpse you give to your visitors, so don’t overlook its style as you can make a few changes that can make a difference.

What color for the front door?

For a front door, you can afford any color you want. You can even use two or three colors (not more for the exterior). On the inside, you can even use graphic patterns if you wish. It is best to match the color with your exterior decorating style for the front and the interior style for the entrance.

A solid color is a good choice since it gives you more freedom from the rest of your decoration. If you have a modern home style with neutral tones and metallic or concrete materials, bold colors like red or yellow are a good choice if you want to brighten up the structure without overdoing it. Similarly, pastel tones allow you to brighten up the whole without making a mistake.


On the other hand, you can keep your door as is and not use any paint. A metal door gives a very contemporary and modern look. Raw wood gives a warm and rustic look to the house. You can play with the natural color of the wood for your decoration.

Which light fixtures?

Outdoor lights are both decorative and useful elements that should not be neglected. It is better to put light sources to illuminate the door for your guests and to light you on various occasions.

Wall lights are the most suitable for the front door. You can choose the style you like, from the design and sleek to the classic style. There are also new lines of outdoor ceiling lights. You can even opt for laminar spotlights.

However, the most important thing about lighting your front door is to provide the necessary brightness so you need to take into account the configuration of the entrance area.

To create a surprise

Flower pots in the entrance of the house are a sure bet for an entrance, but you can play with the styles of pots to bring a more modern touch. For example, you can opt for a mobile basket on which you can arrange an assortment of flowers.

Give a vintage style to your entrance with old style suitcases, place them next to your front door for an original decoration.

A driveway to show the way

A paved driveway or one with wood planks of the same type as your front door is the perfect choice to beautify your entrance. Japanese steps highlight your lawn and show the way to the front door. You can also play with materials and colors.