Creating a Bohemian and Eclectic Home Decor for Small Spaces

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Creating a Bohemian and Eclectic Design in Small Spaces

Making an eclectic design in a small space can sound impossible. But it is possible to create a mix of eclectic and bohemian vibes in any type of space. Whether you are designing a living room, bedroom or dining room, there are many ways you can combine elements of both bohemian and eclectic style in small spaces. Here’s how:

Warm and Playful Colors

For adding a bohemian and eclectic style to your room, choose warm and playful colors like burnt oranges, muted pinks, and deep purples. These colors will create a cozy, inviting atmosphere and will provide a unique visual appeal. You can also add some bright pops of color by introducing green plants and accessories.

Combine Funky Patterns and Textures

To create an eclectic and bohemian design, combine different patterns and textures. You can have a mix of textiles such as velvet, cotton, and wool, in a variety of styles and colors. You can also mix and match different prints and patterns, such as paisley, stripes, polka dots, and animal prints.

Mix and Match Accessories

You can add a lot of personality to your space with eclectic and bohemian accessories. Look for colorful throw pillows, rugs, wall art, and other unique pieces that reflect your unique style. You can also add quirky, bohemian style furniture pieces, such as macramé chairs, vintage wooden trunks, and rattan cabinets.

Add Natural Elements

A major part of bohemian and eclectic design is incorporating natural elements. Add plants, terrariums, and dried flowers to create a living display in your room. You can also add natural textiles, such as jute and hemp, to bring texture and a rustic feel to your space.

Tips for Making the Most of Space in Small Spaces

When decorating a small space, it is important to make the most of the space by creating visual unity and harmony. Here are some tips for creating a cohesive, yet eclectic and bohemian design:

  • Use Multi-Functional Furniture: Make the most of your space by choosing furniture pieces that serve two purposes. Look for pieces such as daybeds and sleeper sofas that can provide extra space for sleeping or seating when needed.
  • Create Focal Points: Create visual interest by adding focal points throughout your room. This could be a statement wall, an interesting art piece, or a unique piece of furniture.
  • Utilize Vertical Space: Use the space in your room vertically by adding shelves, hanging plants, and hooks to store items. These will help to make the most of your space without crowding the room.

Creating a bohemian and eclectic design in small spaces is possible with the right elements. By using the right colors, accessories, and natural elements, you can create a stylish and vibrant space even in the smallest of rooms. Use your creativity and remember to make the most of the space to create a unique design.


With the tips mentioned above, you can bring bohemian and eclectic vibes to any small space. This can make your space feel unique and exciting, while also providing warmth and comfort. Take the time to play around with different colors, textures, and accessories to create the perfect bohemian and eclectic design for your space.