DIY Car Interior Detailing: A Step-by-Step Guide

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DIY Car Interior Detailing – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Fresh and Shiny Car Seats

Do you want your car interior to look fresh and new every time you get in? Learn the step-by-step process in this DIY car interior detailing guide to make your car seats sparkle like no other. Detailing the interior of your car does not have to be complicated or take hours for completion. With the right tools and a few supplies, you can be driving in a newly detailed car in an hour or two.

Required Supplies

  • Vacuum
  • Interior Car Cleaner
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Automotive Upholstery Shampoo

Step 1: Vacuuming

First, start by vacuum all surfaces with a soft brush attachment and crevice tool. Make sure to get into all the hard to reach places and remove dirt and debris from all the cracks. Pay special attention to the cracks between the seats, around floor mats, and the seat crease.

Step 2: Interior Car Cleaner

Once you have vacuumed, spray a spotless interior car cleaner into a microfiber cloth and begin wiping down all surfaces. This will to remove dust and other dirt particles from the hard areas of your car.

Step 3: Leather Conditioner

If your car has leather seating, use a leather conditioning scrub to keep the leather looking and feeling soft and new. Use circular motions to work the product into the leather and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping off the excess.

Step 4: Upholstery Shampoo

For fabric upholstery, use an upholstery shampoo. Start by vacuuming the fabric with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and dirt. Sprinkle the foam upholstery shampoo all over the fabric and gently work the shampoo into the fabric with a soft brush. Once finished, vacuum the area to remove the excess foam and dirt.

Step 5: Final Touches

Once all the surfaces have been taken care of, use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the entire area and remove any excess cleaner. You will also want to use a leather cleaner, glass cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner to finish off the interior.

Extra Tips

  • Prevent damage: If you are using a strong cleaner, it is always recommended to spot-test the cleaner on an inconspicuous area of the car before starting the entire process.
  • Pay attention to details: Pay close attention to air vent slats and door tracks, and be sure to clean these spots carefully.
  • Protect surfaces: After cleaning, you will want to protect the surfaces from future dirt build-up. Apply a protective coating like a car wax or dressing to help keep the surfaces from dirt and dust.

Following this guide is the first step to having a shiny and fresh car. With time, effort, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can achieve the car interior you have always wanted. Start DIY car interior detailing today and see the results for yourself.