Easy Upgrade: How Much Does Home Depot Charge to Install Interior Doors?

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Installation Costs for Interior Doors at Home Depot

Are you looking to upgrade your home’s interior doors? Home Depot is one of the most trusted stores to buy interior doors and they also provide installation services. But what does Home Depot charge to install interior doors?

The installation rates for interior doors at Home Depot vary according to the type of door you’re looking to install. Installing a new pre-hung interior door could cost as much as $567.90, as of this writing. That price includes the cost of the materials, labor, and any additional crap you might need. Alternatively, installing a sliding door or a barn door may cost more or less depending on the specific type.

Factors That Can Influence the Cost of Interior Door Installation at Home Depot

Besides the type of door that you install, there are other factors that can affect the overall cost of interior door installation at Home Depot. The following are some of the most important to consider:

  • Size of the Door: The larger the size of the door, the more expensive it will be to install at Home Depot.
  • Number of Doors to be Installed: The more doors that need to be installed in your home, the higher the overall cost will be.
  • The Hardware: If you’re looking to install a fancy door handle, then the cost of installation will be higher than a basic door handle.
  • Labor: The more complex the job is, the more you will be charged for labor costs.

It’s worth noting that if you are an expert in installing doors yourself and you have the right tools and materials, you may actually find it cheaper to do it yourself than to hire someone from Home Depot. That being said, if you don’t have the right expertise or the right tools, then it’s best to go with Home Depot’s installation services.

How Home Depot’s Installation Service Works

Once you have chosen the door that you want to install and have considered all the other factors that can influence the installation cost, the next step is to get Home Depot to install it. Home Depot’s installation services are straightforward. To get started, you will need to contact Home Depot and inform them about the type of door you want to install and inquire about the cost.

Home Depot will then dispatch a team of professionals to your home on the day agreed upon. The team will bring all the necessary tools and materials to install the doors. The installation should take between one to two hours and you can watch the process and learn some tips from the pros if you want. Home Depot’s team will clean up after themselves and you can then start using your new doors!

Final Thoughts on How Much Home Depot Charges for Interior Door Installation

Installing interior doors at Home Depot can cost anywhere between $200-600, depending on the type of door, size and hardware. Remember to factor in all the associated costs, such as labor and materials, when figuring out the final price. Ultimately, Home Depot is one of the most trusted destinations for interior door installation and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the job is being done by experienced professionals.