The Importance of Functionality in Minimalist Home Decor

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Best Tips For Creating The Perfect Functional Minimalist Home Decor

The minimalist décor is the epitome of chic and modern style, but many people have trouble following the style guidelines and creating a functional space. But no worries, here are the best tips to use when curating the perfect aesthetic balance of minimalism and functionality.

Choose the Right Colour Scheme

A great place to start when creating a minimalist home aesthetic is the colour scheme. Opening up the palette to calming, light, and neutral colors will help the room feel more spacious. Creme colors, light greys, whites, taupes, blues, and some beiges are the best colors to evoke a clean, open feel to the room.

Make Use of Natural Light

Using natural lighting can be a game changer in brightening up a minimalist room. Take advantage of natural light when possible and make sure blinds, curtains and window treatments are open during the daytime to let the sun shine in and brighten the room.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Minimalist décor is all about carefully curated pieces that provide a purpose and require little maintenance. Instead of having lots of items, focus instead on the quality of the pieces that you’re bringing in to your home. Pick large furniture pieces that serve a purpose, allow plenty of walking space when shopping for an area rug and choose pieces that you truly love as opposed to pieces that are simply trending.

Shine a Light on Unique Pieces

Since the space is kept clean and uncluttered it’s important to consider some standout pieces that will truly shine on their own. Bring in some nice statement pieces to give the room a unique and personality-filled atmosphere. For instance, unique statement lighting fixtures can bring a modern touch while pieces like sculptures and artwork can give the room texture and dimension.

Add Splashes of Color

Adding a few colorful touches to a minimalist room is an excellent way to spruce up the space and create depth. Pops of color throughout the room can create the perfect balance between keeping it minimal and fun. Throw pillows, wall art, cabinets and plants make for great options to mix in subtle shades of color.

Take Advantage of Negative Space

The key to successfully designing a minimalist home is to find the balance of not adding too much. Leaving negative space and strategic open areas in the room is necessary to achieving the perfect minimal look. When in doubt – leave it out!

In conclusion, creating a minimalist home décor that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be daunting task. By following these tips and taking the time to find the perfect balance of items that provide purpose, your home will become a calm, happy and decluttered oasis.

Happy decorating!