The Top Bohemian and Eclectic Home Decor Brands to Look Out For in 2022

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Add BoHo ‘Wow’ to Your Home with the Best Eclectic Home Decor Brands of 2022

Add an eye-catching, eclectic look to your home in 2022 with the top Bohemian (BoHo) and eclectic furniture, artifacts and accessories. Choose from a range of vibrant, exotic furniture and decoration pieces to create a chic and stylish space, as well as statues, wallcloths, tableware and accents that bring character and beauty to your space. Read on to discover the top 10 brands at the cutting edge of BoHo and eclectic home decor.

1. Bunglo: Boho Patchwork Rugs with Vintage Flair

Bunglo takes a modern twist on vintage home furnishings with its selection of colorful and vibrant patchwork rugs. Crafted from Kilims and other textiles, as well as a variety of modern prints and patterns, Bunglo’s unique rugs make an eye-catching addition to any room.

2. Madame Function: Chunky, Eclectic Hand-Knits

Madame Function’s unique style combines chunky knitted designs with vintage and modern fabrics. You can find their signature style in their range of knitwear, handmade throws and blankets, as well as occasional furniture pieces and accents. Their portfolio is constantly evolving so you’re sure to discover something new every time you visit.

3. Hook and Loom: Natural, Eclectic Weaves

Hook and Loom specializes in natural, earth-toned weaving that is breezy, lightweight and perfect for creating a refreshing, summery vibe in your living space. Choose from various prints such as faded stripes, ikat, geometric and tie-dye for a touch of bohemian feel.

4. Urban Outfitters: Striking, Bold Accessories

Urban Outfitters is well-known for its stylish and experimental home furnishings and decorations. Look out for bold accessories such as cushions, lamps and rugs, as well as smaller touches such as trinkets, trays and tableware that bring character to any space.

5. Anthropologie: Whimsical Objects and Eclectic Surprises

Anthropologie is another great go-to if you’re looking for quirky, playful and eclectic home decor. Whether it’s mystical mirrors, Scandinavian-style coffee tables, storage boxes or textured wallpapers, you can always find the perfect piece to add to your BoHo home.

6. Meraki Artisan: Turkish-Inspired Decor

Meraki Artisan’s beautiful collection of handcrafted Turkish-inspired furniture and accessories will transport you to a world of vibrant colors, ornate patterns and intricate detail. From carved wood furniture to hand-dyed fabrics, Meraki has all you need to add some exotic flavor to your home.

7. &klevering: Whimsical Objects, Ceramics and Soft Furnishings

&klevering’s boldly designed ceramics, lighting and home decor accessories, ranging from soft furnishings to wallpapers, will certainly bring an animated touch to your home. Fun, vibrant and refreshingly cheerful, each piece is designed to foster a sense of comfort and joy in any room.

8. Kishr: Intricate Carvings and Ancient Textures

Kishr is the go-to destination if you’re looking for chunky, handcrafted pieces with intricate carvings, detailed patterns and a unique, vintage feel. handmade tribal pieces, boho wall hangings, tapestries and blankets, Kishr crafts pieces with a rich cultural heritage.

9. Cozy Earth: Organic Additions to Any Room

Cozy Earth offers an array of home accessories crafted using natural materials with a minimalistic, yet sophisticated, aesthetic. Cozy Earth pieces will add a sense of calm and warmth to any room, while being kind to the environment too.

10. Kutter Home Interiors: Exotic Fabrics and Patterns

Kutter Home Interiors uses rich fabrics and patterns from around the world to create unique, exotic and vibrant home decor pieces. The brand’s “tapestry of love” collection is infused with energy and is perfect for brightening a dull corner or lifting the mood of any room.

From handcrafted knits to Turkish-inspired artifacts and accessories, there are plenty of amazing brands that offer quality and stylish BoHo and eclectic decor. Whether you embellish a single room or your entire home, these unique pieces will bring a unique and exotic flair to your living space.

Make 2022 the year you kick-start your home decor and look out for the best BoHo and eclectic brands.