The Top Bohemian and Eclectic Home Decor Trends for 2022

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Discover the 2022 Bohemian and Eclectic Home Decor Trends

Boho chic has become increasingly popular in home decor over the years, and the trend doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Consumers of all ages and lifestyles are drawn to the free-spirited, vibrant, and often vintage roots of this style. If you are looking for a new way to create a unique and personal oasis in your home, you may be interested in the bohemian and eclectic trends in home decor for 2022.

Traditional Bohemian

Traditional bohemian home decor is, of course, rooted in the all natural elements, vibrant colors, and vintage furnishings. The focus of traditional bohemian home decor in 2022 remains in creating a home that is focused on comfort and creativity. Furniture collections are still inspired by those found in vintage markets and antique stores, but with a modern twist. For instance, a leather chesterfield sofa can be easily accessorized with colorful and luxurious patterns to elevate the look. Additionally, wood tables are often used to give an eclectic feel to a room, as is traditional in bohemian home decor.

Vibrant Colours and Textures

A home in 2021 can also include many vibrant colors and textures, like indigo and deep mustard. In 2022, these colors will be used to create inviting spaces with a hint of old-world charm. Pops of blues, greens, and terracotta will also be seen in the living room and bedrooms. Adding colors that can be easily mixed and matched will continue to be a popular style choice in the upcoming year.

Furniture and Accessories

Furniture pieces will continue to be inspired by styles of old, such as chesterfield sofas, mid-century modern chairs, and ottomans. Accessories will dress up the rooms with pieces like macrame throws, vintage area rugs, and brightly-colored pillows. Wall hangings and artwork will also help create a vibrant, creative, and unique look to your home.

The Bottom Line

The bohemian and eclectic home decor trends for 2022 are full of vibrant colors, textural fabrics, and classic vintage details. Embrace the free-spirited look by adding vintage furniture pieces and accessories and always incorporate some natural elements into the mix. Your living space will become a comfortable and personal oasis with the perfect combination of bohemian and eclectic home decor.